Radiant Hero Vassals

Radiant Hero Vassals: Season 2 Session 1

Episode 1: A Troubled East

A season has passed since the Malfean invasion. With the restoration efforts in the East well underway, the Exalted Deliberative of Denandsor now turns its attention to another pressing matter in the East: Lookshy.

For months, the Mask of Winters has begun launching attacks against the home base of the the Seventh Legion. Though Lookshy may be capable of repelling this threat, Karal Linwei of Lookshy’s General Staff opted to seek out assistance from the Deliberative through her daughter Karal Fire Orchid, for reasons unknown. This request was met with positive responses from the members of the Deliberative who hailed from Lookshy, with Crimson Bladebearer (commander of the Deliberative’s First Legion as well as Queen Raya’s circle mate) being one of its staunch supporters. This of course resulted to the deployment of the First Legion to Lookshy prior to the Malfean invasion.

With the success of the campaign against Yozis, the Deliberative war machine then made its preparations for the possibility of the battle against the Mask’s forces. Over the course of the season, the Legions were reorganized and merged due to the two legions deployed during the Battle of Melhevil suffereing considerable losses. Denandsor’s magitech engineers led by Deliberator Glimmer of the Void continued its research in Hellstrider technology, and was successful in producing three operational units. Meanwhile, Ambassador Midday Emerald of An-teng managed to handle negotiations between the exchange of key information between the Western Trade Alliance and the Deliberative, resulting to the Silverlight being equipped with a new and deadly weapon: a Godspear prototype. Further assistance from the Tengese arrived in the form of a small expeditionary force led by Dormin Azurain and Sky Grandchild, circle mates of Midday Emerald.

Of course, the war effort encountered several snags: one of which was the loss of Mount Megatalapa and its atelier manse due to an attack launched by the Bull of the North a few days after the battle of Melhevil. Another was the drop in orichalcum supply due to the stock being sent to the West in exchange for food (a result of the food crisis brought about by the Malfean invasion). Several members of the Deliberative also left Denandsor in pursuit of personal matters such as Oil in Water, Magnificent Jaguar as well several other Lunars. With the loss of the veteran Lunars, the remaining Chosen of Luna left in Denandsor elected Benjaho as the interim Speaker of the Moon.

Meanwhile, former Deliberator Silk Midnight Princess returns to Denandsor after suffering from an attack in Yu-Shan. The spy mistress of Heaven was accosted by an unknown entity resulting to her losing access to her Celestial level spells. At the advice of her lover, she then flees back to the safety of her circle until the perpetrator is found.

Now, as the forces of the Deliberative ship out to Lookshy, two messengers arrive with requests to meet the members of the Deliberative; one from the Mask of Winters, the other from the Bull of the North.



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