Radiant Hero Vassals

Radiant Hero Vassals: Season 2 Session 2

Episode 2: The Gathering of Forces
A week has passed since the missives were received by the Exalted Deliberative of Denandsor. Now, the Chosen prepare to head west to aid the city of Lookshy.

After making the preparations for the trip to Lookshy, Her Majesty, Queen Raya of the Exalted Deliberative of Denandsor, along with the other members of the Exalted Deliberative set sail aboard the battle carrier BattleCarrierOne as well as the flagship Silverlight and escorted by the warbirds of the Air Guard. Aboard the Silverlight was the combined legion of the Deliberative as well as the Hellstrider prototype sent by Deliberator Glimmer to serve as reinforcement to the already deployed First Legion, the Heaven’s Hammers.

Suffice to say, the trip to Lookshy was rather uneventful. The fleet arrived outside the city’s walls, and landed on the encampment alloted for the Deliberative forces. The Exalts were then given a warm welcome by the General Staff’s taimyo Karal Linwei of Gens Karal. With the exception of a slight altercation between the taimyo of the security forces in Lookshy and Silk Midnight Princess, suffice to say the members of the Deliberative had a relatively nice reception into the city. They were then escorted to a party hosted by the Gens who have shown support and interest in Denandsor, and some of the Exalts managed to establish some contacts during that evening.

At dawn the next day, Queen Raya along with the other deliberators flew across the river to meet with the Bull of the North in response to their message. The leaders of the two empires met on a hill atop the Bull’s encampment, and in that meeting the deliberators met with their rival once more: Ophilis Ses and Azure Path. Amidst the tension between the two parties, negotiations were made and the deliberators managed to secure Mount Megatalapa from the Bull. However, things took a turn for the worse when the Bull told the deliberators that he wishes to occupy Lookshy, something the deliberators will not allow. A heated exchange continued and things reached a boiling point when the Bull announced that he wishes to install Ophilis Ses as the governor of Lookshy upon its occupation. It was at this point that Queen Raya flatly refused to deal with the Empire any longer. The Bull, disappointed but unwilling to amend to the Deliberatives request, declares that the Empire shall now wage war against the Deliberative for supporting Lookshy. Thus as the sun rises to the sky, the two parties part ways as enemies, each determined more than ever to prove that they are the ones in the right.



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