Radiant Hero Vassals

Radiant Hero Vassals: Season 1 Finale

Upon discovery of the Malfean invasion plans in the East and the fall of Forks under the demons, the Exalted Deliberative and her allies organized a massive effort in order to defend the East (in what is now known as the Second Battle of Melevhil) from turning into part of Malfeas and hopefully reverting the damage caused by the modified reality engine. A few days prior to the battle, the Deliberative sent a small group of Exalts headed by Queen Raya herself to Malfeas in order to find out what the Yozis are planning and to assist in the rescue of members of the Western Trade Alliance captured by the Malfeans during the battle of Forks. Suffice to say, the entire effort was a success, with the group able to not only rescue the captured Solars, but also to destroy a modified Wyldbreaker ship, one of the three modified First Age vessels that were to play a major part in the invasion attempt.

The group also managed to discover that the Yozis have champions of their own as well. These people, whom the demons call the Green Sun Princes, seem to be able to stand toe to toe against the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun. Their capabilities were further revealed during the battle itself, when the Exalts faced off with the army of Malfeas, with Ligier heading the army himself along with the Green Sun Princes. Along with the amassed demon army was the modified reality engine situated on a levitating island fortress pulled by a behemoth, as well as the remaining ship.

What ensued was a fierce battle, with the combined forces of the Eastern powers versus the Malfean army. One of the notable events of the battle was the aerial battle between Deliberative member and Speaker of the Moon Oil In Water with Captain Gyrfalcon. Nonetheless, the members of the Deliberative and their allies showed unparalleled bravery and strength, finally managing to defeat the demons, killing one of the Green Sun Princes, and destroying the reality engine (due to the successful infiltration of Raven into the island fortress). The defense of Creation against the Yozis overall was a success, albeit with considerable losses to the alliance. A season was then spent to deal with the aftermath of the battle, in the hopes of getting things back to normal.

Such is not the case however, as two new threats loom over the horizon. It appears as if the Mask of Winters is finally making his move in the East, with the Juggernaut and his armies so near the walls of Lookshy. And from the north, the Bull and his Empire Indomitable begins to stake their claim into the rich lands of the East, beginning with the invasion of the Exalted Deliberative holdings in Mount Megatalapa.



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