Foreign Intelligence Minister of the new Exalted Deliberative, Assassin of the Gold Faction


Motivation: Ensure the end of the Deathlord Mask of Winter’s oppression in Thorns.
Caste: Chosen of Endings
Anima Banner: a brilliant violet aura
Backgrounds: Backing (Solar Deliberative) 2, Acquaintances (Exalted Deliberative Mortal Staff) 3, Cult 1, Manse 1, Artifact 2, Sifu (The Green Lady) 3, Celestial Manse 1, Salary 2, Past Lives 4, Backing (sub-convention on Demons) 2, Connections (Division of Endings) 1, Connections (CoTI) 1, Connections (Outlaws) 2
Spells:Infallible Messenger
Colleges:The Rising Smoke 5, The Haywain 2, The Peacock 2, The Gauntlet 1, The Captain 1, The Mask 3, The Sorcerer 1

As an assassin, Hanya prefers the use of subtle methods of eliminating her enemies instead of outright combat. She is known to use common poisons such as Arrow Frog Venom (see Exalted 2nd Ed, 131) on her throwing knives. When left with no choice, she will however use her paired short daiklaves “Crimson Sky” and “Azure Sea”, both of which are sheathed behind her waist. She dislikes needless killing and often times make sure that a person’s death is according to fate.
However, she holds a certain amount of fascination in the act of killing and considers it as a form of art.

Her shift to the Gold Faction made her new allies, as well as new enemies. Some of her old compatriots in the Bronze Faction now see her as a traitor, and Hanya is always cautious knowing that there might come a time when her enemies decide to make their move against her.

The will of steel; The heart of gold
Hanya is a kind and loving person. She values the people around her and looks out for the well being of people in general. She dislikes apathetic attitudes to the plight of others and will try to do everything in her power to aid those in need. However, she also retains a strict adherence to her beliefs. Duty and responsibility to her destiny and purpose comes first before everything. This may then result to conflicts arising from the clash between her concern for others, and her duty as a Chosen of Endings.

The shallow facade
Hanya often presents a stoic and reserved attitude. In truth however, she is a very passionate and temperamental person. The reason for this display is that she believes that as an elder Exalt she must set an example to her peers as to how someone with great power should act; therefore she restrains herself from acting on impulse. Hints of her true personality will appear in times of stress, or when she is pushed to her limits.

Political Agenda:
For the people
Hanya will push for causes that she believe will help the most number of people for the better. She aims to end the suffering of people in Creation in general and as such, will agree to help out in any endeavors that will do so.

It should end as it should be
All kingdoms have an end, and Exalted Deliberative is no exception. However, its ending must not be an inauspicious one, and Hanya aims to make sure that the Exalted Deliberative will not end in madness and chaos.

Iconic Fighting Style:
The Head of Lightning
In battle, one’s quickness can determine life and death, victory or defeat. With this philosophy, Hanya strives to eliminate her opponents swiftly in order to bring a quick resolution to conflict. Those who dare challenge her often times get defeated even before they can unsheathe their swords.

Wrath of Heaven
Those who know oppose a Reckoner shall know heaven’s wrath. Many have fallen when confronted with the full fury of the Chosen of Endings. It is with this fearsome strength that Hanya was able to put down several Anathema during the time she participated in Wyld Hunts.

Cause of Downfall:
With the Bronze Faction now seeing her as a threat, her former colleagues are now thinking of ways to eliminate Hanya without getting their hands dirty. Perhaps if her current Exaltation die in an “accident”, they can convince her new Exaltation to return to their side. As of this moment though, they are running out of options and someone may be desperate enough to risk taking matters into their own hands.

The Duel of Fates
Hanya knows that somewhere in Creation (and the Underworld), the Green Lady conspires with the Deathlords against Creation. Why her sifu betrayed the Bureau and Creation, no one knows. What she does know is that as a student, it is her responsibility to bring her sifu back to the proper path… through any means necessary.


The Child from Thorns
Hanya's earliest memories would be of a young child living in the city of Thorns. It was a happy childhood, carefree and without worries. She was however a rather odd child, often suffering fainting spells and complaining of weird dreams. All of this was answered when one day an Immaculate Monk came to her home and talked to her parents. The monk said that she was a gifted child, destined to be blessed by the great Dragons themselves. The next thing she knew, her parents gave her up she was taken away from home. She didn’t end up in Pasiap’s Stair in the Blessed Isle though. Instead and was taken to this gate guarded by golden lions on the other end. And once she passed the gate, she began her new life in Yu-Shan. She met others like her, children whom Fate decided would serve as Creation’s watchers. Among the children, she found one of her closest friends and someone whom she treats as family; Gracious Shaia.

Ideals and Disillusionment

At the age of 7, Hanya exalted to become one of the Chosen of Endings. Receiving education from notable Bronze Viziers such as the Green Lady, she became one of the stalwart supporters of the Bronze Faction. This often times leads to passionate debates with her closest and childhood friend Gracious Shaia, who was being mentored by someone from the Gold Faction. Soon upon her completion of basic training in Yu-Shan, she was then sent to work as a field agent in Creation, where she served some time in the Blessed Isle teaching Immaculate Monks and secretly participating in Wyld Hunts. She also served for a time being working for the Convention of Earth, occasionally taking sabbaticals in Thorns to visit her beloved home town. However, one catastrophic event shook her belief in the Vision of Bronze. Without warning, her beloved Thorns fell under the Deathlord known as the Mask of Winters. She pleaded to send aid against the beleaguered city, but her pleas fell into deaf ears and to slow bureaucratic actions. It was at this point that Hanya began to recall two other events from the past: The Great Contagion and the succeeding invasion of the Fair Folk. She then started to think that maybe her friend Shaia was right: Creation needs the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun.

At Present
Several years after deciding to change sides and join the Gold Faction, Hanya is sure that she made the right choice. The Scarlet Empire is torn in strife, and now a new Exalted Deliberative is in Denandsor. She still has some qualms about her friend's methods concerning the Solars, but for now she will trust her friends judgment. Who knows, this Deliberative might even rescue Thorns.


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