Oil In Water

"Change is the way of the world."


Character Details

Basic Information

Exaltation: Lunar

Caste: Changing Moon

Motivation: To master shapeshifting and overcome the threat of chimerism.

Concept: Socialite

Anima Banner: A swirling mass of moths and butterflies.

Totem: A bird-of-paradise.


Tell: A pair of wings with cascading colors.

Essence: o o o o


Compassion – o o

Conviction – o o o o

Valor – o o o

Temperance – o


Enchanting Features – 4 points


Strength – o o o

Dexterity – o o o o o

Stamina – o o o o

Charisma – o o o o o

Manipulation – o o o o o

Appearance – o o o o o

Perception – o o o

Intelligence – o o o

Wits – o o o o


Martial Arts – o o o o o

Archery – o

Melee – o

Survival – o o o o o

Presence – o o o o o

Athletics – o

Awareness – o o o

Integrity – o o o

War – o o o o o

Performance – o o o o o

Socialize – o o o o o

Bureaucracy – o o o o o

Lore – o


Intrigue – o o

Seduction – o


Backing (Exalted Deliberative) – o o o

Backing (Silver Pact) – o o o

Cult – o o

Manse – o o o

Heart’s Blood – o o o

Reputation – o o o

Artifact – o o o


Changing Plumage Mastery

Subtle Silver Declaration

Twin-Faced Hero

Quicksilver Second Face

Lightning Change Style

Deadly Beastman Transformation

Terrifying Beastman Alteration

Perfected Hybrid Interaction


First Dexterity Excellency

Second Charisma Excellency

Second Appearance Excellency

Second Manipulation Excellency

Claws of the Silver Moon

Foot Trapping Counter

Thousand Claw Infliction

Cobra Hypnotic Method

Forgetful Victim Prana

Unnoticed Confusion Attack

Subtle Silver Command

Moonlight Curtain Drawn

Perfect Symmetry

Irresistible Silver Spirit

False Burrow Pursuit

Butterfly Eyes Defense

Dog Tongue Method


Moonsilver Gloves of Martial Readiness

Jewel of Whispers


What would you ask of me, Lawgiver?

The Dancer Among Many

Oil In Water finds joy in acquiring new forms and the manifold experiences they provide and its form flickers and shifts almost spontaneously from human to beast, from male to female (most speculate that Oil In Water was originally female, as it more often presents itself in a female form). Its past is not known to many, but concerns about its seemingly-wanton passion for exploring the higher levels of shapeshifting have arisen. Some elders have expressed their disapproval, saying that this bodes an unsettling step towards chimerism.

To these speculations, Oil In Water simply laughs. “We are Luna’s children, and we are to revel in her gifts.”

Many other Lunars have displayed such tendencies, and some of them have been culled. The Silver Pact does not take the threat of chimerism lightly—yet very few others are as eloquent and beautiful as Oil In Water.

Oil In Water has then been sent to the budding Exalted Deliberative. Its orders are simple: watch the Sidereals. To this, it bows, infintessmally slow. “It will be done,” it says.

Oil In Water has been told of the evils of the Sidereals, but it cannot perceive the Viziers as the enemy. They acted for what they thought was right, and if the Solars fell to them, perhaps the Sun Children were simply not strong enough. Treachery and guile are weapons, just as much as sword and spells are, after all. As far as it is concerned, there are darker forces at work.



As You Wish

Oil In Water persuades by agreeing. It almost never contests an opinion if doing so would cause friction. It believes that others are made more pliable to its agenda if they believe that it is following theirs.

The Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Mortals fascinate Oil In Water. Having been raised almost exclusively in Lunar society, Oil In Water sees the unexalted as strangely beautiful, fragile things. It marvels at how easily they can be destroyed—and is acutely aware that it can learn to include them in the Sacred Hunt. It longs to experience what being human feels like, but is unwilling to kill one to get a true human form.

Political Agenda

The Manicured Wilderness

Oil In Water believes that all places are jungles, and the rules of the wild apply everywhere. This is, in part, why it cannot fully despise the Sidereals. It sees that the Solars are somewhat “at fault” for their own downfall because losing is the exclusive fate of the weak. Therefore, Oil In Water would side with whoever seems to be in the position of greatest power—and in the manicured wilderness, this is he or she who has the most influence.

Learning The Ropes

Despite its natural inclinations towards bureaucracy, Oil In Water has a deep desire to learn more about the intricacies of ALL courts, which does not exclude anything between Heaven and Hell.


Song and Blood

Those who witness the Seneschal’s battles are struck dumb, for they are the most terrifying and beautiful of bloodbaths. In combat, Oil In Water does not fight as much as it dances in the middle of the carnage, its warriors bathed in Luna’s power and their enemies’ entrails.


Few have met Oil In Water in singular combat. Those who have are either dead or they have forgotten the affair.


All Things as One

The most obvious downfall that threatens Oil In Water is chimerism. It walks the tightrope, and could very well fall.

The Poisoned Court

Oil In Water is a creature of intrigue. It is quite possible for it to be destroyed by its own machinations.

Oil In Water

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