Glimmer of the Stars

A Twilight Exalted Sorcerer-Engineer striving to bring a new age of Development to Creation


Caste: Twilight

Motivation: To Bring a New Age of Development unto Creation

Concept: Merchant Crafter

Anima Banner: A pearl-white tiger roaring against a starry night sky

Essence: o o o o

Experience Breakdown

  • Experience Gained
  • Battle of Orun Tevla + Behemoth: 15 exp
  • Rumble in Nexus: 15 exp
  • Hostage Drama in Denandsor: 16 exp
  • Politics in the Deliberative: 10 exp
  • The Fall of Forks: 20 exp
  • Into the Depths of Hell: 8 exp
  • Battle of Melevhil harbor: 20 exp
  • Total Experience: 104 exp
  • Experience Spent
  • Total Spent: 76 exp
  • Remaining Experience: 28 exp


  • Strength – o o
  • Dexterity – o o o o o
  • Stamina – o o
  • Charisma – o o o
  • Manipulation – o o o o
  • Appearance – o o o o
  • Perception – o o o o
  • Intelligence – o o o o o
  • Wits – o o o o


Caste Abilities

  • Craft – o o o o o
  • * Craft Air – o o
  • * Craft Fire – o o
  • * Craft Water – o
  • * Craft Magitech – o o o o o
  • * Craft Helltech – o (1 exp + helltech notes from session 2)
  • * Craft Genesis – o o o (9 exp)
  • Medicine – o o o o (16 exp)
  • Investigation – o o o o
  • Lore – o o o o o
  • Occult – o o o o o

Favored Abilities

  • Thrown – o o o o
  • Integrity – o o o
  • Dodge – o o o o
  • Bureaucracy – o o o
  • Linguistics – o o o (Languages: Seatongue, Old Realm, Riverspeak, Forest Tongue)

Other Abilities

  • Presence – o
  • Resistance – o o
  • Athletics – o o
  • Awareness – o o o
  • Larceny – o o
  • Ride – o o
  • Sail – o
  • Socialize – o o


  • Compassion – o o
  • Conviction – o o o
  • Temperance – o o o
  • Valor – o o


  • Artifact – o o o o o
  • Intelligent Warstrider Ally – o o o o o o
  • Mentor – o o
  • Wealth – o o
  • Henchmen – o (Paedrig and Bridget)
  • Followers – o (Kenzie, Reilly, Tatton, Maxwell, Shelley, Osborn, and Irene)


  • First Thrown Excellency
  • First Lore Excellency (8 exp)
  • Second Lore Excellency (8 exp)
  • Second Craft Excellency
  • Second Dodge Excellency
  • Second Occult Excellency
  • Cascade of Cutting Terror
  • Returning Weapon Concentration
  • Spirit Weapons
  • Triple Distance Attack Technique
  • Integrity-Protecting Prana
  • Harmonious Academic Methodology (8 exp)
  • Legendary Scholar Curriculum (8 exp)
  • Words-as-Workshop Method
  • Craftsman Needs No Tools
  • Courtier’s Eye Technique (8 exp)
  • Consumer-Evaluating Glance (8 exp)
  • Shadow Over Water
  • Reflex Sidestep Technique
  • Seven Shadow Evasion (2 exp upgrade to include Shadow Over Water)
  • Durability of Oak Meditation
  • Ox-Body Technique
  • Essence Gathering Temper
  • Celestial Circle Sorcery
  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery


Golden Claws of the Feral Cats

  • Spirit Weapons, Cascade of Cutting Terror, First Thrown Excellency


Terrestrial Circle

  • Calling the Stalwart Servitor
  • Emerald Circle Banishment
  • Emerald Countermagic
  • Flight of the Brilliant Raptor
  • Infallible Messenger
  • Demon of the First Circle
  • Flying Guillotine

Celestial Circle

  • Demon of the Second Circle
  • Sapphire Circle Banishment
  • Sapphire Countermagic

Graceful Feline

Glimmer’s “Brother”, the AI of his Godstrider, The Golden Sun’s Grace

Motivation: Loyally serve its master (he/she who bears his brother’s Exaltation)

Essence: o o o


  • Compassion: o o o
  • Conviction: o o o
  • Valor: o o
  • Temperance: o

Willpower: o o o o o o


  • Strength – o
  • Dexterity – o
  • Stamina – o o
  • Charisma – o o o o
  • Manipulation – o o o
  • Appearance – o o o o o
  • Intelligence – o o o o
  • Perception – o o o o
  • Wits – o o o


  • Socialize (Favored) – o o o o o
  • Performance – o o o
  • Investigation – o o o
  • Athletics – o o
  • Awareness – o o o
  • Dodge – o o o
  • Stealth – o o
  • Thrown – o o o
  • Lore – o
  • Survival – o o
  • Resistance – o o
  • Larceny – o


Graceful Feline’s Security Systems for the Warstrider (and for enemies!)

  • Measure the Wind
  • Amethyst Awareness
  • Intrusion-Sensing Method

God-related Charms

  • Materialize
  • Hurry Home
  • Principle of Motion
  • Tracking (Warstrider AI Charm)
  • Uncanny Prowess (Warstrider AI Charm)
  • Shapechange
  • Meat of Broken Flesh

From West to East

Glimmer was an ordinary tradesman from the Western Archipelagos of Creation when he Exalted under the banner of the Unconquered Sun’s finest thinkers. As a Twilight Solar alone in the vast seas of the West, he had no idea to his true purpose and strived to carry on with his life until he was paid a visit days later by a mysterious young woman that appeared to radiate power similar to his.

Prophesized as the one who would “end the darkness in a far eastern region”, the woman, whom he later learned to be a Sidereal Exalt, chosen of the Five Maidens, led him to the Eastern regions and was taken in by a budding Deliberative composed of people much like him – Celestial and Terrestrial Exalts. It was here where he felt truly at home, in the company of peers that share the same powers and fate as he does, working towards a greater goal of restoring Creation’s former glory. It was all a drastic change in scenery, from the rural surroundings of The Neck to the lush, highly advanced city of Denandsor.

It is here where he truly realized his purpose.

The Celestial Exalts of the Deliberative were all striving hard to restore Creation’s former glory and marked Denandsor as the start of it all – from this great bustling city the new Deliberative shall rise and reclaim what was the Solar’s by right of the Mandate of Heaven. Glimmer was thinking one step further. Sure, bringing back Creation to the glories of the hazy recollections he is having of an age long lost is a noble and glorious idea indeed, but he intended to take things further than that and bring an entirely new age into Creation – an age that will surpass the glories of the past, drown the sorrows of the present, and lead Creation into the exciting mysteries of the future.

A third Age of Perfection.

His position as one of Creation’s finest thinkers puts him as one of those who can really do something about such a dream to become reality, but in doing so he will need to go beyond what the Deliberative and his peers accept as the norm. To rebuild the glories of the past is not to bring new developments to Creation. However, if he could get a hold of more exotic knowledge – dark and esoteric to an extent, perhaps – and integrate it with what current state Magitech can perform, then perhaps he can truly pave the way for a better, brighter Creation.

The Golden Sun’s Grace

Glimmer of the Stars’s Royal Warstrider

Two years after Glimmer’s arrival in the city of Denandsor he was approached by his friend and mentor in sorcery, Gracious Shaia. She said nothing as she handed him a scroll, which contained a map of the eastern region with a gold line trailing from the location of Denandsor headed due east. Glimmer set off to follow the trail in the map and stumbled upon a massive marble and orichalcum structure completely obscured by dense foliage and trees. On its door was engraved the symbol of the Twilight – his symbol. It had to be a tomb.

Inside he weathered through the natural defenses of the tomb as they had done for a few times during their tomb raiding days in the Deliberative. Upon reaching the tomb’s main chamber, realization dawned upon him – this was his incarnate’s tomb. He had always figured out that his incarnate’s tomb would be due west, but he was surprised to discover it only lay a few miles from where he currently stays in!

Inside he made a most marvelous discovery: his incarnate’s Royal Warstrider, still perfectly intact, along with some scrolls of Sorcery and Magitech workings that his incarnate had been working on before he was killed. He would continue these works in his stead. The warstrider was a thing of beauty, with a slender form that seemed to move with dexterity yet still powerful when used in combat. He took the Warstrider to one of the Factory Cathedrals in Denandsor and set off to work on improving and enhancing it.

Graceful Feline

The Cat behind the Grace

When Glimmer first unearthed the Royal Warstrider, he was surprised to find a cat perched atop the warstrider’s massive crossed arms, staring at him intently from the dim light of the tomb ruins. Surprised to find a cat in such a desolate and dangerous place, curiosity struck him to climb up to the warstrider’s arms and retrieve the cat. It went higher up, however, as he scaled the massive orichalcum body of the warstrider, and eventually the cat slipped into the cockpit. He followed suit, unsure as to what the cat seems to want. At least, until the warstrider started rumbling, the runes intricately engraved upon it now glowing bring yellow.

Glimmer hastily climbed to the cockpit and to his surprise and shock, saw the cat transform in front of him to a boy with golden yellow hair. Two furry cat ears poked out from the top of his head and a long cat tail swung lazily behind him. The Twilight Exalt was about to faint in terror but the cat-kid assured him that he serves as the warstrider’s “intelligence” and having recognized his Essence as that of his master in the past, he has now granted control of the warstrider to Glimmer’s hands.

The Twilight could not fathom, however, why the cat-child, who was called Graceful Feline, after he introduced himself to Glimmer, seems to address him like an older brother.

Gracious Shaia

Sidereal Exalted – Glimmer of the Stars’s Sorcery Mentor

Gracious Shaia was Glimmer’s mentor to the arts of Sorcery and helped him through the initiation process into the first two circles of Sorcery, along with training him in some of the essential spells that he believes he will need to accomplish his goal of bringing his dream age into Creation.

She initiated Glimmer into the Terrestrial Circle of Sorcery and made it a point that should Glimmer be sure enough to study Sorcery, he must cast away things that would distract him from learning Sorcery. He used to be a merchant trader in the West before and a little after he Exalted, and still continues to practice his profession from time to time in the nearby cities around Denandsor. He realized that business consumes too much time for studies of Magitech and now Sorcery as well so he made the terrestrial sacrifice: his merchant practice.

Soon she saw fit to initiate Glimmer to the Celestial Circle as well and again she asked for a deeper, more profound sacrifice that would remove hindrances to Glimmer delving into a deeper art of Sorcery. For this he chose a more painful one – his mortal family and friends in the West and new mortal acquaintances he has had in the East, mostly his best customers in his merchant practice.

Relevant Aspects for Glimmer



  • Glimmer is a positive thinker ever since his mortal days and moreso
    when he Exalted. He believes that despite Creation’s numerous
    hardships there is always hope for a better future for everyone, and
    now that he is part of a Deliberative working for such a future, he
    pledges his full support for it.

“Nothing I couldn’t make!”

  • As one of Creation’s best thinkers, Glimmer’s Exaltation as a
    Twilight Solar has convinced him that there is nothing within
    Creation’s capabilities that he cannot make, even if it is a
    recreation of a lost lore in the First Age or a completely new design
    that Creation has never seen before.

Political Agenda

“Progress for the Sake of Progress”

  • Glimmer is adamant about bringing Progress to Creation, for without
    progress his dream Age of Perfection will not happen. His harsh rural
    experiences in the West has convinced him that Creation needs a better
    world than the one they’re in now. Therefore he always aims for
    progress whenever the opportunity presents itself.

“For the Greater Good”

  • Glimmer believes in anything that the Deliberative believes to bring
    the “utmost” good for everyone in Creation. He has his own biases to
    the matter, of course, and the definition of “good” is dependent on
    Glimmer’s own personal beliefs.

Iconic Fighting Style

“Wrath of the Cat”

  • Glimmer specializes in thrown weapons and his mastery of Essence
    allows him to channel his thrown weapons as that of deadly cat claws,
    hurling them at his enemies with catlike dexterity. His interactions
    with Stardrops has also let him learn of his “younger brother’s” cat
    ways, letting him move with the same manners as that of a cat.

“Orichalcum Destroyer”

  • Glimmer prefers combat with The Golden Sun’s Grace whenever
    applicable, except for moments when the combat calls for small regions
    that the Grace cannot access easily.

My Downfall

“Blind Progress”

  • Glimmer FIRMLY believes in bringing progress, but in doing so he may
    inadvertently trudge upon his fellow Exalts and dabble in arts that
    might (if wrongly applied) lead to plunging Creation to a “third Age”
    all right, but not the “Age of Perfection”

“The Darkness Prevails”

  • Despite the Deliberative’s foundations already planting its roots in
    Creation, Glimmer is still afraid that their enemies might overpower
    them and crush their force, destroying their hopes for Creation.
    Glimmer does not wish for the Deliberative to crumble from outside (or
    even inside) forces, since it will hamper or even ruin his own agendas
    for the development of Creation.

Relevant Aspects for Graceful Feline

“Memory of my brother’s love”

  • Graceful Feline was a Twilight’s dearest brother in the First Age, a mortal whom the Twilight dearly loved even before he was Exalted as Creation’s best thinkers. He shared his brother’s wealth, his mansion, and even comes to work with him when his brother goes to Factory Cathedrals to work on things. Among mortals Graceful Feline was very lucky.
  • At least, not until his sickness.
  • Graceful Feline caught a virulent disease that bore traces of the Wyld’s taint in it. He had just come from an expedition with his brother on Reality Engines with the Wyld and caught the disease. The fellow Twilights of Graceful’s brother all worked on getting a cure for him, but the disease soon spread and worsened until curing was out of the question. It was when his brother did the unthinkable.
  • With the aid of several Zeniths and agreeing with the Solar Kan Hur, the Solars made several connections with Heaven to convert Graceful Feline as a God for a Warstrider that Graceful’s brother had in development in Kan Hur’s Factory Cathedrals. It was almost the new year and Zeniths understood that it was almost time for it to be blessed and completed – religiously and magitechnically. It was made such, and thus Graceful Feline awoke, completely cured and transformed, as the guardian of his brother’s Royal Warstrider.

“A child through and through”

  • Graceful Feline was a child when he was transformed as the Royal Warstrider’s God and thus retains most of his childish instincts and attitudes, some notably his love for his older brother (or technically, he or she who holds his older brother’s Exaltation) and his childlike passion for things like games, books, among others.

“Feline Instincts”

  • Graceful Feline was transformed by the Twilights in the First Age to prolong the spread of the disease and with the help of Magitech and Genesis, he was given the features and instincts of a cat – not that Ancient Solars believed in cats having nine lives, but more of its purity and grace, that these aspects would help prolong the disease that he suffers. Thus he bears some of a cat’s basic instincts and features such as cat ears, cat tails, the capability to fall from high places unharmed, among others.

“My brother, forsaken”

  • Graceful Feline dearly loves those who bear his older brother’s Exaltation, but to see it fall into dark hands WILLINGLY – unto corruption or to the same force that endangered his very life in the First Age – would be his utmost grief and the key to his undoing. The Royal Warstrider stands firm and strong because of the unbreakable bond he shares with his brother’s Exaltation, and to see that Exaltation – pure and graceful – get corrupted with darkness (either from the Yozis, the Abyssals, or the Wyld itself) would drive Graceful Feline to lock itself within the Warstrider, override all of its components in such a way that it will only just stand as a massive orichalcum figure, unable to be accessed anymore. Should Heaven interfere with his actions, then he will let himself be destroyed – along with his only sanctum, the Warstrider itself.

Glimmer of the Stars

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