The Verdant Aerie

V'neef Genji's Corporation in the South


Motivation: Profit. Health. Esoteric Knowledge.

Concept: Corporation

Coat of Arms: A stylized verdant tree surrounded by vines


  • Strength – o o
  • Dexterity – o o o
  • Stamina – o o
  • Charisma – o o o
  • Manipulation – o o o
  • Appearance – o o
  • Perception – o o o
  • Intelligence – o o o o
  • Wits – o o o

Favored Ability:

  • Bureaucracy – o o o o

Other Abilities:

  • Linguistics – o o o
  • Ride – o o
  • Sail – o
  • Socialize – o o
  • Thrown –
  • Craft – o o o o
  • * Craft Earth – o o o
  • * Craft Fire – o o
  • * Craft Water – o
  • * Craft Wood – o o o o
  • Lore – o o o
  • Occult – o o o
  • Larceny – o o
  • Archery – o o o
  • Martial Arts – o
  • Melee – o o o
  • War – o o
  • Integrity – o o o
  • Performance –
  • Presence – o o
  • Resistance – o o
  • Survival – o o
  • Investigation – o o
  • Medicine – o o o
  • Athletics – o
  • Awareness – o o o
  • Dodge – o o
  • Stealth –


  • Bureaucracy (Business) – o


  • Compassion – o o
  • Conviction – o o o o
  • Temperance – o o o
  • Valor – o o


  • Wealth – o o
  • Connections (Merchants) – o o
  • Backing (Exalted Deliberative) – o

Willpower: o o o o o o o

Essence: 1


  • Firewands Sp 5, Acc 7, Dam 12L, Rate 1, Range 10
  • Composite Bows Sp 5, Acc 6, Dam 4L, Rate 3, Range 250
  • Short Spears Sp 5, Acc 9, Dam 6L, Rate 2, R
  • Short Swords Sp 4, Acc 8, Dam 5L, Rate 2,
  • Chain Shirts 3L/3B

Panoply: (See V’neef Genji)

Mass Combat:

  • Magnitude: 3
  • Drill: 2
  • Endurance: 4
  • Might: 0
  • Close Combat: 4
  • Ranged Combat: 3
  • Close Damage: 2
  • Ranged Damage: 4/2
  • Armor: 1
  • Morale: 2
  • Loyalty: 7


  • We can handle that order! (Very Resourceful)
  • Impossible means we haven’t figured it out yet.
  • There are more efficient ways to do that.
  • Raiding us is an exercise in futility!

Dominion Statistics:

Bonus Notes
Magnitude 3


  • Military: 2
  • Culture: 2 +1 Culture
  • Government: 3


  • Awareness: 2 +1 Superior Diplomats
  • Bureaucracy: 3 +3 Commerce
  • Craft: 2 +1 Finished Goods
  • Integrity: 1 +1 Tight Knit Corporate Governance
  • Investigation: 2 +1 Anomalous Transactions
  • Occult: 2 +1 Supernatural Etiquette, +1 Savants
  • Performance: 1
  • Presence: 1 +2 Economic Power
  • Stealth:
  • War: 1


  • Compassion – o o
  • Conviction – o o o
  • Temperance – o o o
  • Valor – o o

Willpower: o o o o o o

Virtue Flaw: Conviction

External Bonus Points:


Small Coastal Satrapy

The main economic power of the V’neef Family lies in their wine production in the Blessed Isle, the shares on the duties of the Merchant Fleet, and their many satrapies in the South. Of the three, the ones with the greatest potential are the Satrapies down South. While many, none of the major territories are covered. Income is good and since the Great House asks only for reasonable tributes, it is also steady.

It was there that Genji decided he would be of best use. He united some of the V’neef Holdings given to him and forged them into a great company – the Verdant Aerie. He traded between the major centers while production, storage, and other activities were done in the satrapies. Such endeavors defrayed the overhead costs of the operation. His recruitment of Dragon Blooded Outcaste operatives further drove profit. He funneled it north through the Merchant Fleet and because of V’neef control there was able to get priorities and made double profit with the duties.

Southern Farms

The employees themselves of the Verdant Aerie are what can be called elite in their field. Trained by possibly one of the greatest bureaucrats in creation, the Verdant Aerie counts among its number, clerks, accountants, sales people, engineers, thaumaturges, security manpower and the like. With offices all over the South and with contracted and benevolent Slave labor in many places they have used both esoteric lore and engineering genius combined with business savvy to be successful. Their main offices are in the Gardens of Silence in Chiaroscuro with talk of moving them to Denandsor where the Genji and his Dragon Blooded Operatives reside now.

Not overly fond of combat, these people are trained to be prepared for it. While not really fond of the particular weapon of choice of his family, Genji ensured that the members of the Verdant Aerie are proficient with the V’neef family’s weapon of choice: the firewand. Many of its managers also carry their own flame pieces.

Almond Plantation

As the name suggests, the Verdant Aerie’s specialties lie in food production and sales using technology to make farms bloom in the arid South. They specialize mostly in Coffee and Almonds. They trade frequently in luxuries and wines as the V’neef family is well known for. They also have numerous contracts with the Denzik as handled by Tsukiko Yoko.

The Verdant Aerie

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