Tamiko Yori

Earth Aspect - Assistant and Crafter


Aspect: Earth

Motivation: To achieve supreme craftsmanship and cooking!

Concept: Cook and Crafting Assistant

Anima Banner: Rock faces in artistic rendering

Essence: o o

Willpower: o o o o o

Essence Pool: 9/21 (9 + 12 committed)

Health Levels: 0/1/1/2/2/4

Languages: Flametongue, High Realm, Old Realm


  • Strength – o o
  • Dexterity – o o o o o
  • Stamina – o o
  • Charisma – o o
  • Manipulation – o o
  • Appearance – o o o
  • Perception – o o o o o
  • Intelligence – o o o o o
  • Wits – o o


Caste Abilities

  • Awareness – o o
  • Craft –
  • * Craft Air – o o o
  • * Craft Fire – o o o
  • * Craft Water – o o o
  • * Craft Magitech – o o o
  • Integrity – o
  • Resistance –
  • War – o o o

Favored Abilities

  • Performance – o o
  • Medicine – o
  • Martial Arts – o o o

Other Abilities

  • Linguistics – o o
  • Lore – o o o o
  • Occult – o o o o
  • Stealth –
  • Thrown –
  • Athletics –
  • Dodge – o o o
  • Melee –
  • Presence –
  • Socialize –
  • Bureaucracy –
  • Investigation –
  • Larceny –
  • Sail –
  • Archery –
  • Ride –
  • Survival –



  • Compassion – o o
  • Conviction – o o
  • Temperance – o o o
  • Valor – o o


  • Backing (Exalted Deliberative) – o o
  • Wealth – o
  • Artifact (Smash Fists) – o o o o
  • Artifact (Jade Breastplate) – o
  • Breeding – o o



  • Wind Carried Words Technique


  • Elemental Bolt Attack


  • 2nd Craft Excellency
  • Flaw Finding Examination

Martial Arts:

  • 1st Martial Arts Excellency


  • 2nd War Excellency


  • Threshold Warding Stance


  • Delicate Jewel
  • So, what would you like to eat?
  • Smash and Burn! (Fighting Style – like pounding into steel)
  • Mmmm…. I can fix that!
  • Oooh! I know what this is!

V’neef Genji’s Journal, on Tamiko Yori:

A slave girl from the South, occasional cook and servant for a bunch of Outcaste “miners” or most likely raiders near Gem, she attempted escape after being abused. She nicked a few gems and ran. Her Outcaste masters however, pursued her and she Exalted as one of them. They were sufficiently offended that they decided to kill her even after she Exalted. The ruckus woke me up as her anima shook the building where I slept. It was abysmally hot that day and with quick and judicious use of Judge’s Ear Technique I got the story from her.

The other Outcastes saw me in Dynast robes talking to her and decided very unwisely to attack. The idiots took me for some mere mortal and didn’t even notice that her anima had no effect on me. I think the looks on their faces when they saw the Solar anima was worth the trouble of putting axes on their backs and decapitating them. I had to summon a fire elemental to dispose of the bodies.

I had her change her name immediately to avoid notice. She changed even her appearance and dress at my expense. The bureaucratic cover up was a mess. Keiko and Naoko took the credit for dispatching the Outcaste Raiders. Thank the Unconquered Sun they were around.

Yori joined me and served as a cook for a while, during her initial education. She even helped me develop some dessert recipes for some of the food we produced. She and Saki hit it off right away. Yori helps Saki prepare medicines now sometimes.

She has a knack for crafting and managed to learn the esoteric discipline of Magitech. She works as my workshop assistant and personal cook these days. She even managed to repair a pair of Forge Hand Gauntlets we scavenged.

She is the youngest of the girls but the most focused on her work. The gratitude she has towards all of us for saving her she invested on training herself to be supremely useful in her assigned fields.

Tamiko Yori

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