Hiromi Izumi

Earth Aspect - Banker and Financer


Aspect: Earth

Motivation: To Guarantee financial security, increased wealth, and safety to herself and Genji.

Concept: Financier, Banker

Anima Banner: Small hard rocks rotating in precise order

Essence: o o

Willpower: o o o o o

Essence Pool: 9/21 (15 + 6 committed)

Health Levels: 0/1/1/2/2/4

Languages: Low Realm, High Realm, Old Realm


  • Strength – o o
  • Dexterity – o o o o
  • Stamina – o o
  • Charisma – o o o
  • Manipulation – o o o
  • Appearance – o o o
  • Perception – o o o o
  • Intelligence – o o o o o
  • Wits – o o


Caste Abilities

  • Awareness – o o o
  • Craft –
  • Integrity – o o
  • Resistance – o o
  • War – o o

Favored Abilities

  • Socialize – o o
  • Bureaucracy – o o o o o
  • Martial Arts – o o o

Other Abilities

  • Linguistics – o o
  • Lore – o o o
  • Occult – o o
  • Stealth –
  • Thrown –
  • Athletics – o
  • Dodge –
  • Melee – o
  • Presence – o
  • Investigation – o o
  • Larceny –
  • Sail –
  • Archery –
  • Performance – o
  • Medicine –
  • Ride – o
  • Survival –


  • Bureaucracy (Finance) – o o


  • Compassion – o o
  • Conviction – o o
  • Temperance – o o o
  • Valor – o o


  • Backing (Exalted Deliberative) – o o
  • Wealth – o o o
  • Artifact (Smash Fists) – o
  • Breeding – o o
  • Connections (Financiers) – o o



  • Wind Carried Words Technique


  • Elemental Bolt Attack


  • 2nd Awareness Excellency
  • Sense Riding Technique


  • 3rd Resistance Excellency
  • Strength of Stone Technique


  • Confluence of Savant Thought
  • Geese Flying South Administration


  • “Show me the money!”
  • “Of course we can afford that!” (Very Resourceful)
  • “I’m gonna beat this idea into your head – literally!” (Fighting Style)
  • “Bah! This is easy!” (Both ability and making hard things look easy)
  • “You think this is some kinda joke?” (Quite Serious)

V’neef Genji’s Journal, on Hiromi Izumi:

A precocious child with a great talent for numbers, she sought work with my company, as their family was part of a group of disenfranchised merchants from the Blessed Isle. She was very good and very cheap, so I hired her. She had a noble bearing and my guess that she was some by-blow of some well bred Ragara proved to be correct when she Exalted balancing the books before Calibration. It was hilarious, especially because she was so intent on working even despite the rocks flying around. She decided to stay on with me and eventually rose to become the head of finances. She uses a chair carved from a stalagmite that sprang up when she Exalted.

I had her change her name to Hiromo Izumi, a very Lookshy sounding name to protect her from the Ragaras, whom I don’t really trust. For all her stubbornness, they probably have enough Charms to take her from me. She insisted on swearing more than the usual oaths because of that.

She’s a serious, no-nonsense kind of girl, she’s ruthless in her audits and while at times hilarious, it’s never intentionally so. She’s preoccupied with wealth and safety. I’m quite glad that she includes me in the equation.

Hiromi Izumi

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