Hikari Naoko

Air Aspect Scholar and Researcher


Aspect: Air

Motivation: To Master Sorcery and Esoteric Lore

Concept: Scholar, Researcher, Secretary

Anima Banner: Large, Fluffy Clouds

Essence: o o o

Willpower: o o o o o

Essence Pool: 10/25 ( committed)

Health Levels: 0/1/1/2/2/4

Languages: River Speak, Flame Tongue, High Realm, Old Realm


  • Strength – o o
  • Dexterity – o o o
  • Stamina – o o
  • Charisma – o o o
  • Manipulation – o o
  • Appearance – o o o o
  • Perception – o o o
  • Intelligence – o o o o
  • Wits – o o o


Caste Abilities

  • Linguistics – o o o
  • Lore – o o o
  • Occult – o o o
  • Stealth –
  • Thrown – o o o o

Favored Abilities

  • Dodge – o o o
  • Bureaucracy – o o o
  • Investigation – o o o

Other Abilities

  • Awareness –
  • Craft –
  • Integrity –
  • Resistance –
  • War – o
  • Athletics –
  • Melee – o
  • Presence – o
  • Socialize – o o
  • Martial Arts – o o o
  • Larceny –
  • Sail –
  • Archery –
  • Performance – o
  • Medicine –
  • Ride – o
  • Survival –



  • Compassion – o o
  • Conviction – o o o
  • Temperance – o o
  • Valor – o o


  • Backing (Exalted Deliberative) – o o
  • Wealth – o
  • Artifact (Infinite Jade Chakram) – o o
  • Artifact (Silk Steel Clothing) – o o
  • Breeding – o o
  • Connections (Academe) – o



  • Wind Carried Words Technique


  • Elemental Bolt Attack


  • 2nd Thrown Excellency


  • Confluence of Savant Thought


  • Scent of Crime Method


  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • * Flight of the Brilliant Raptor


  • Secret Smile
  • Adorable but doesn’t know it.
  • You can’t lie to me!!!
  • You can’t even come close! (Fighting Style)
  • Curiosity killed the kitten, but I’m no kitty cat.

V’neef Genji’s Journal on Hikari Naoko:

Unlike most of the other girls, Naoko, was already in her Exaltation and working when I found her. She was a traveling scholar doing research in Sorcery. She did not want to affiliate herself either with the Realm or Lookshy. She wanted nothing of the wars, only the books. I found her while I was doing my own research in the Lap. I set up an appointment with her and tried to convince her to join me. She resisted and found out the hard way how much more powerful a Solar is than a lone untrained Terrestrial. She came clean with me on what she wanted and was deeply shocked I was a Solar. In exchange for help in initiation into Sorcery, she joined me and swore her oaths.

She was hired by me as an Auditor and Personal Assistant. She had no objections to serving under a Solar even one associated with the Realm. She finds it deeply ironic and is quite curious of the outcome. I sometimes believe she joined with me just because she wanted to see if it was possible to indeed reform the Realm as a Solar. She has this secret smile when I talk of family. She introduced me as well to a Wood Aspect friend of hers who was also interested in Sorcery and Medicine.

They both serve my company in odd capacities. She insists I use my Eclipse Caste powers to be able to learn the Wind Carried Word Technique but I learned infallible messenger instead She taught the rest of the girls the communication charm and we’ve used it quite a lot.

Hikari Naoko

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