Tsukiko Yoko

Water Aspect - Captain and Naval Trader


Aspect: Water
Motivation: To become a great Naval Trader
Concept: Ship Captain, Naval Trader, Transport Expert, Sometime Martial Artist
Anima Banner: Surf softly hitting the shore
Essence: o o
Willpower: o o o o o
Essence Pool: 8/20 (12 + 8 committed)
Health Levels: 0/1/1/2/2/4
Languages: Sea Tongue, High Realm, Old Realm

  • Strength – o o
  • Dexterity – o o o o
  • Stamina – o o o o
  • Charisma – o o o
  • Manipulation – o o
  • Appearance – o o o
  • Perception – o o o
  • Intelligence – o o o
  • Wits – o o o

Caste Abilities

  • Bureaucracy – o o o
  • Investigation –
  • Martial Arts – o o o o o
  • Larceny – o o
  • Sail – o o o o o
    Favored Abilities
  • Awareness – o o o
  • Presence – o
  • Survival – o o
    Other Abilities
  • Linguistics – o o
  • Lore – o o o
  • Occult –
  • Stealth –
  • Thrown –
  • Craft –
  • Integrity –
  • Resistance –
  • War – o o
  • Archery – o o
  • Performance – o
  • Medicine –
  • Ride –
  • Sail (vs. Pirates!) – o o
  • Martial Arts (Hook Swords) – o o
  • Compassion – o o
  • Conviction – o o
  • Temperance – o o
  • Valor – o o o
  • Backing (Exalted Deliberative) – o o
  • Wealth – o
  • Artifact (Black Jade Hook Swords) – o o
  • Artifact (Silk Steel Clothing) – o o
  • Breeding – o * Connections (West) – o o o
  • Connections (Merchant Marines) – o o
  • Connections (The Denzik) – o o o
  • Wind Carried Words Technique
  • Elemental Bolt Attack
  • Confluence of Savant Thought
  • Finding the Water's Depths
  • Observer Awareness Method
  • Hurricane Predicting Glance
  • Storm Outrunning Technique
  • “Oh! I know someone here!” (Lots of Contacts)
  • “Focused and Steady. That's the way to do it.” (Calm even in combat)
  • “Oooh Pirates!” (Loves and hates pirates)
  • “Of course you'll give it to me cheaper!” (Bargainer)
  • “We'll be there in no time.” (Fast Travel)

V'neef Genji's Journal, on Tskukiko Yoko:
Born to a poor family in Wavecrest, she was one of too many sisters. Dreamy and always yearing to be at sea, she enlisted to join the Tya but just before the ceremony would have completed she Exalted. She was then discouraged from joining the Tya by being a Dragon Blood. While she had no real love for the Realm, she was hereded towards the enclaves of the Satrap for adoption, where I believed she was like to be given the choice of the razor or coin given her age, I intercepted her. A little application of bureaucracy here and there and she was assigned to my and my tutelage. Much of her initial schooling was handled by me and I had her study sailing with some of the Tya I hired. In fact, it was the same Tya whom I hired to help me investigate some Black Jade deposits near Tofanis. I wasn't able to get much but some of the Jade I got eventually became the Hook Daiklaives Yoko bears. I took her back with me and invested her with the name Tsukiko Yoko. She's a very capable fleet captain and her origins in the West help her keep a very good number of connections. She's commodore of my trading fleet now and often accompanies me when I choose to use my folding ship.

Tsukiko Yoko

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