Gracious Shaia


Gracious Shaia

Chosen of Serenity
Speaker of the Stars of the Exalted Deliberative

Gracious Shaia is an oddity among the Sidereal Exalted. She hates lying. Though she knows she must to maintain the orderly passing of fate, she never did like it.

When she found out about the lies and deceptions the Bronze Faction was perpetrating among the Terrestrial Exalted of the Realm, it sickened her. She defected to the Gold Faction, and for awhile worked for the Convention of Wood to encourage romances and to observe the Rising of the Solar Exalted.

But after seeing how her elders Maduka Shin and Venerable Silk were treating the returned Solars, by feeding them more lies, Gracious Shaia knew that they had to be convinced that lying to the Princes of the Earth was not the way to go.

Memories of Oadanol

The reason why she hates lying is an artifact of her Exaltation. She bears the Exaltation of the great Sidereal crafter Oadanol, who died of old age during the reign of the Scarlet Empress.

Oadanol had a Solar friend in the First Age, some say even lover, who shared the crafting of many wonders that made life and love easier in the First Age. It was this Solar who convinced Oadanol to support the Salinian Working and to complete other wonders for the glory of Creation.

But then the Sidereals convened and Oadanol saw the horrors of the Vision of Darkness and it scared her. Scared her enough to betray her friend.

Joining the Bronze Faction, Oadanol kept the appearance of trust and friendship with her Solar friend for a long time, and each time they talked the lie tore heavily at her heart. But she kept lying out of fear… fear of what would happen if she spoke of the horrible truth she concealed.

Then the Final Calibration Feast happened. Oadanol was there, and she single handedly hunted down her Solar friend, so that she could give a merciful and painless death. Her friend saw her, came to her for aid, and she slew the Solar on the spot. Her heart breaking as the Solar's life blood drained away.

The Many Projects of the Speaker of the Stars

Now, Oadanol is reborn, and so is her Solar friend. They found each other in RY 769, as Shaia recognized the patterns of her friend's anima banner from a past life. Perhaps feeling the weight of duty and obligation, Shaia took the young Solar under her wing and gave guidance and protection, as other Sidereals of the Gold Faction did, but unlike them, told no lies.

That Solar went on to be one of the founders of the Exalted Deliberative. Shaia was asked by her friend to join the Deliberative and help rebuild Creation. She accepted.

As one of the open Sidereals in the Deliberative, Gracious Shaia has a lot of work. Not only must she continue her work in the Convention of Wood, she is also setting up her own Illuminated training camp. She must also deal with the politics of the Deliberative, carefully balancing the influence of the Lunars, whom she distrusts as being wyld-deranged, with the agendas of the agents of Fate.

She has recently recruited five young Sidereals to join the Deliberative, one from each Maiden. Potentially a potent force, but these Sidereals are fresh out of school. She must guide them as well so that they do not become targets for the other Sidereals working for the Bronze Faction.

The Speaker of the Stars has many roles. Perhaps too many roles. She has not taken a vacation in 5 years, and her Solar friend worries she may be burning herself out as she has been showing signs of illness lately…

Game Crunch:

Gracious Shaia is a 4 dot Mentor for a Solar Exalted and a 3 dot Sifu.

Gracious Shaia

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