Crimson Bladebearer


Crimson Bladebearer

Dawn Caste Solar

General of the Army of the Exalted Deliberative

From Refugee to Gunzosha Soldier

Crimson Bladebearer's family came from the Hundred Kingdoms, political refugees from among the hundreds of small wars that raged around that area. They sought shelter in the city state of Lookshy. As Metics, they were plagued with high taxes. Mainly to help his family and to seek his fortune, Crimson Bladebearer joined the Foriegn Legions of Lookshy and was assigned to the Marukan Redoubt as an Auxilliary.

There while on maneuvers, he saved the life of a mortal officer called Karal Fire Orchid, the un-Exalted daughter of Karal Linwei of Gens Karal. As a reward he was assigned to Fire Orchid's Gunzosha Field Force, which was posted near the border with Thorns. Crimson Bladebearer served as one of Fire Orchid's elite seargeants until she had to retire as she was getting too old to fight.

Emnity against the Mask of Winters

A mere days after, the fall of Thorns, the Mask of Winters himself went on a raid north of the border into Marukani lands. Crimson Bladebearer's Gunzosha unit was dispatched to intercept him. Although he and his men fought bravely, they were no match for the Deathlord and his small unit of Nephwracks. The Deathlord tortured all of Crimson Bladebearer's men alive in front of him, laughing at his futile attempts to escape. The Deathlord was going to do the same to him, when one of his deathknights informed him that he needed to subdue a rogue Chimera in Thorns. The Mask of Winters gave leave for one of his nephwracks to finish killing Crimson Bladebearer. "I'll forge you into a crimson soulsteel spear worthy of your name."

Once he left, Crimson Bladebearer swore to fight to the very end to rid Creation of that monstrous deathlord. And as the Nephwracks approached with their various torture devices, he decided to fight with all the power he had at his disposal until the very end.

That was the moment he Exalted.

Warrior of the Sun

After defeating the Nephwracks and burying his men, Crimson Bladebearer departed East. He knew he could never return to the Marukani Redoubt. He was Anathema. Something he was trained to kill. But he accepted it. He knew he had to do something about that deathlord. The Mask of Winters was strong. But he was alone. Crimson Bladebearer decided to find others like himself to defeat the Mask.

Heading to Nexus and beyond, Crimson Bladebearer survived by hiring himself out as a mercenary and bodyguard. His skills soon made him famous and much desired among the various clients in Nexus. It was there in that city where he encounterd others like himself, and joined them in their adventures, eventually culminating in the taking of the Empty City of Denandsor in Realm Year 769.

The Chink in the Armor of the Heart

Among the Solars participating in that venture was a newly Exalted Zenith Caste solar called Karal Fire Orchid. Of all the Solars, Crimson Bladebearer felt closest to her then to anyone else. He is loyal to her and under her command, worked with the other Celestial Exalted to set up the Army of the Exalted Deliberative.

Crimson was never good in the matters of the heart. As part of the political wrangling in Heaven for the Deliberative, Crimson pledged to marry one of the daughters of Ahlat, the Southern God of War. However his heart is not into it, for he loves Karal Fire Orchid… he just doesn't know how to tell her that.

Game Fluff:

Crimson Bladebearer is worth Allies 3 or Mentor 2.

Crimson Bladebearer

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