Sun and Moon Razor

weapon (melee)
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Attunement Tags
Clinch 6 +2 +7L/3 1 6 D, O, P, R
Strike 5 +2 +7L/3 -1 1 6 D, O, P, R

Sun and Moon Razor inflicts double damage to inanimate objects.

Being made from adamant, Sun and Moon Razor also imposes an additional -4 soak penalty after halving soak if the user is fully attuned.

Attuned users of Sun and Moon Razor are able to send a shockwave of Essence down the length of the whip as a reflexive Step 7 action. This effect costs six motes and converts all of the scourge’s lethal damage dice into aggravated.


Unrestrained Clarity, the previous bearer of Silk Midnight Princess’ exaltation, acquired this artifact after a failed assasination attempt by exalted assassins sent by Talespinner where they used it as a tripwire to cut off the feet of the circle’s Yeddim. Silk Midnight Princess inherited it as part of her panoply upon the passing of Unrestrained Clarity.

Sun and Moon Razor

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