Crimson Sky and Azure Sea

weapon (melee)


Item Type: Paired Short Daiklaves
Material used in construction: Starmetal
Attunement Cost: 6 motes
Item Stats: Speed 4, Accuracy +3, Damage +4L, Defense +1, Rate 2
Item Requirements: Minimum Strength 1
Cost: Resources 2
Attributes: n/a


Description and History
“Crimson Sky” and “Azure Sea” are short daiklaves that are used as a pair. Constructed in the High First Age, the swords are made from a soulforged god who sided with the Primordials during the Primordial War. Not much is known about the said god except for the fact that it was loyal to the Primordial now known as Kimbery, the Sea that Marched Against the Flame. The blades are roughly two feet in length, single edged and slightly curved. A square guard with ornate design separates the handle and the blade. The individual swords are distinguishable through the designs on the guards, as well as through the names of the swords which are etched into the side of the blades in Old Realm characters.

The weapons were originally owned by the Green Lady’s incarnation during the First Age. It is now in possession of one of the Green Lady’s students, the Sidereal Hanya, given to her upon completion of her student’s Violet Bier of Sorrows training.

Crimson Sky and Azure Sea

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