Day Caste Abyssal of Mask of Winters


Die Pool
P: 12
S: 17
M: 10

Permanent Essence: 4
Essence Pool: 40
Willpower: 5
Motivation: Savor what must soon perish
Primary Virtue: Temperance

Armor: Breast Plate (7L/5B)
Weapon: Slashing Sword (Acc: 12 Def: 12 Dmg: 10L)
Health Level: [-0] [-1] [-1] [-2] [-2] [-4] [INCAP]
Dodge DV: 10
Parry DV: 6
M. Parry DV: 8
M Dodge DV: 10

Personal Combat Offensive: Uses his artifact, Ravenous Swarm Attire, to augment most of his attacks. When engaged in melee, he uses a slashing sword to defend himself
Personal Combat Defensive: Dodger. Has a perfect dodge and will tend to favor evading rather than parrying blows (Charms: Flitting Shadow Form, Flickering Wisp Technique)
Social Combat Offensive: He presents himself as an embodiment of finesse while discrediting his enemies by making them commit social faux pas (Charms: Honey-Tongued Serpent Attack, Imprecation of Ill Manners, Exquisite Etiquette Style)
Social Combat Defensive: None.
Mass Combat Leadership: None. Typhon does not command any unit.
Society Management: A sly diplomat who spreads discord by creating dissent and by inciting fear by intimidation (Charm: Morbid Fascination Style, Cancerous Dissent Technique)

Artifact: Ravenous Swarm Attire – Portable mobile construct that creates a vermin swarm with a radius of Essence yards centered on the owner. Can only damage objects within effective radius. Damage: Trauma 3, 1L, per creator’s action ticks.

  • Official emissary of Thorns and the Mask of Winters in the Confederation of Rivers
  • A young Exalt with brown hair with fair features and has a predatory yet refined aura.


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