Queen of the Exalted Deliberative.


Attributes: 10/8/7 Physical – 8 | Mental – 7 | Social – 10

Strength: 3 | Dexterity: 5 | Stamina: 3 Perception: 3 | Intelligence: 3 | Wits: 4 Charisma: 5 | Manipulation: 3 | Appearance: 5

Abilities: Favored Abilities: Martial Arts, Medicine, Bureaucracy, Athletics, Awareness

Abilities: Performance – 5 (Giving Speeches, Building Intimacies) Presence – 5 Martial Arts – 5 (Fighting when wounded) Medicine – 5 Athletics – 3 Awareness – 3 Bureaucracy – 3 Lore – 2 Linguistics – 3 Socialize – 3 Dodge 3 Occult – 2 Integrity – 3 War – 2 Archery – 2 Investigation – 1 Ride – 1 Resistance – 2


Cult – 2 Manse – 2 Backing (Exalted Deliberative) – 5 Backing (Kingdom of Megatalapa) – 4 Followers (Megatalapans) – 4 (5000 megatalapans) Allies (Benjaho) – 3 Allies (Crimson Bladebearer) – 2 Wealth – 3 Reputation (“The People’s Queen”)- 3 Artifact – 5 (Crown of Thunders)


Caste/Favored: 1. Second Medicine Excellency 2. Flawless Diagnosis Technique 3. Instant Treatment Methodology 4. Contagion Curing Touch 5. Wound Mending Care Technique 6. First Martial Arts Excellency 7. Infinite Martial Arts Mastery

8. Second Performance Excellency 9. Heart Compelling Method 10. Husband Seducing Demon Dance 11. Phantom Conjuring Performance 12. Demon Wracking Glory 13. Infatuation Gathering Idol Methodology 14. Respect Commanding Attitude 15. Integrity Protecting Prana 16. Third Integrity Excellency 17. Temptation Resisting Stance 18. Body Mending Meditation 19. Ox Body Technique (3 HLs) 20. Performance Essence Flow

Martial Arts: – Snake Style 21. Striking Cobra Technique 22. Serpentine Evasion 23. Snake Form 24. Essence Fangs and Scales Technique 25. Armor Penetrating Fang Strike 26. Snake Strikes the Heel 27. Uncoiling Serpent Prana 28. Striking Serpent Speed

COMBOS: Cure Raya – Second Medicine Excellency, Wound Mending Care Technique, Instant Treatment Methodology, Contagion Curing Touch.

None Tempts the Queen – Third Integrity Excellency, Temptation Resisting Stance

Seven Serpent Sun Strike – Serpentine Evasion, Striking Serpent Speed, First Martial Arts Excellency.

VIRTUES: Compassion 3 (Flaw: Forsaken Paranioa) Conviction 2 Temperance 3 Valor 2 Willpower: 6

Essence: 4

MERITS AND FLAWS: Merits: Born to Rule – 2

Flaws: Ward (Cade and 7 flowers) – 1 Greater Curse – 3 Rival (First Minister Valen) – 3


Born With a Prophecy

Right after she was born, a trusted family astrologer declared that Raya would undergo a powerful Exaltation at 15 years of age. It is for this reason that Raya, daughter of the head of House Fuuma, the wealthiest patrician branch of House V’neef, was betrothed to another V’neef child who was also expected to Exalt.

Growing up, Raya attended the most expensive Dynastic schools, went to the most exclusive Dynastic functions, and was taught to think, feel, and act like a Dynast; she was practically a Dynast, all she has to do is grow up, Exalt, finish school, and get married so her name will also be that of a Dynast.

When she was 15, Raya’s fiance and best friend V’neef Gareth graduated from the Spiral Academy. He was sent by his House to the east, to manage the V’neef properties in the Scavenger Lands. Before he went on his journey, he visited Raya at her school to say goodbye.

But Raya would have none of it. She pleaded with Gareth to take her with him. She was bored with school, and why should she spend another year at her Immaculate Order primary school if she was going to Exalt anyway?

Fulfilling the Prophecy

The journey with Gareth was one of the best times of her life. She didn’t have to go through that boring routine of waking up, praying, having meals, praying, going to class, praying, practicing katas, praying, and sleeping anymore. Everyday there was something new to see, and something new to do.

Finally, Raya and Gareth reached their destination: the city of Greyfalls. Here, Gareth would set himself up to be a successful businessman, and here, Gareth has allowed Raya to stay until she’s ready to go back to the Blessed Isle.

But that night, as Raya and Gareth were resting, a group of Cynis-hired assassins attacked them in their apartment. As Raya helplessly watched the murder of her best friend, she was enraged at all the senseless violence caused by House politics.

Raya faced her assailants, and gave them a lecture on the wrongness of killing innocent people for personal gain. All but one were affected by her speech, and when that one assassin still tried to strike her, Raya suddenly realized what her true purpose was: to unite Creation under one banner and bring about the rule of compassion and mercy.

She parried the blow, and all of the assassins fled before her. And so did Gareth’s servants and retainers. Raya realized that she had become Anathema, but refuses to believe that she is now an evil demon. Instead, Raya believed that she is now good, better than she had ever been, better than all the Immaculate monks and nuns that made her pray everyday put together. She believed that nothing but good will come from her from now on, and Creation will someday look to her to help them do anything and everything that is good.

But first, she had to run.

Running Around With A New Crowd

Fortunately for Raya, the first person she ran into was Unrestrained Clarity, the proprietor of a pleasure house across the street and who also happens to be a Lawgiver in hiding. He saw Raya’s anima flash brightly outside his window and decided to help her.

Raya also met other Solar and Lunar Exalted and traveled the River Provinces with them, gaining artifacts, territory, and allies along the way. Though Unrestrained Clarity had died since, Raya and the others continued their adventures, culminating with the liberation of Denandsor and establishing it as the newly formed Exalted Deliberative’s capital.

Raya, by virtue of her kindness, integrity, and phenomenal mass-appeal, was crowned Queen of the Exalted Deliberative at the age of 16.

House Fuuma’s Denial

After Raya’s Exaltation, she and Clarity made efforts to make it appear as if Raya died along with Gareth via Cynis assassination. The Cynis, of course, denied it and insisted that the V’neef progeny was slain by his mad Anathema companion.

Nevertheless, news reached the Blessed Isle both of Raya’s death and her sightings by other Dragon-Blooded in the East. Raya’s father gave her a funeral, but her mother, Lady Ida, refused to believe that her daughter is dead and traveled to the Scavenger Lands to see for herself.

Raya and Lady Ida are now reunited, and have sent word that she is, indeed, alive, but House Fuuma maintains that Raya is now dead and her body has been taken over by an Anathema Queen.

Raya And The Creation Ruling Mandate

Raya has been Exalted for 8 years now, and the puppet queen of a powerful Exalted nation for 7. For the past 8 years, Raya has received messages, dreams, and even visitations from the Unconquered Sun himself, reminding her about the Creation Ruling Mandate and what it represents.

Raya believes that she, and the Exaltation she bears, was meant to be the sole monarch of all Creation. After all, how many among her peers in the Deliberative, or the other Exalts everywhere else, have ever spoken to a Celestial Incarnae in person?

How exactly she will achieve this, well, for now, she’s not quite sure. She’s very young, still, barely a woman in fact, with an entire Solar Exalt’s lifetime ahead of her. For now she will watch her elders, learn from them, and when the time is ripe, she will begin her move…


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