Radiant Hero Vassals

Snakes and Ladders

V’neef Genji ... ... ... Accessing … … I AM Private Network … … Connected!

UN:!@&&%><+ PW: xxxxxxx Vocal Confirmation: ~~~~ Affirmative!

Welcome to your private Journal V’neef Genji

... Voice Recording Active … …

I am sending this delayed journal from my Recorder of Everlasting Glories.

I received rather disturbing news regarding my business around Nexus and Cho-Holuth. Hiromi Izumi brought all sorts of reports and it showed that money was being siphoned from my offices and businesses. Apparently, everything passes through Nexus.

The reports made no sense, the takeovers and embezzling were almost lackadaisical. A few Charm applications and everything made sense. I had to cut this at the nerve though. That meant either Nexus or Cho-Holuth. Since everything went through Nexus as Creation’s Financial Center, it should lead to the end, and perhaps the beginning.

Apparently, the other Deliberators had their reasons for going to Nexus as well, and for this I am glad. I took Hiromi Izumi, Akane Keiko, and Hikari Naoko with me. I told Misumi Saki and Yukiko Toudo to handle some of the rebuilding efforts and Tsukiko Yoko to stand by on the Mourning Wood in case any of us needed help.

The journey to Nexus was uneventful but we went in different guises. Raya and some others already had previous contact with several Exalted here. I had my own offices to tend to. We split into groups to handle our own investigations. I managed to fix all the networks and stopped the embezzling. I fired all the dupes. But that wasn’t the end of it. There was an instigator.

While scouting out the trail, we encountered Lucien, Demon of the Second Circle, chasing a very young seemingly newly Exalted Solar through the streets of Nexus. We managed to save the girl and I managed to wound Lucien, which for some reason made him retreat.

We also had the problem of another Solar apparently working for Ses raising mercenaries. Apparently, she was using Charms. We found the heart of the operations.

However, it was Raven who made the breakthrough. He captured an enemy Solar while he was sleeping. This Solar used some sort of Helltech. We released him from the spell he was under. He made bargains with us. As he left however, I what could only be Sidereal powers. He was executed. I took back the body and Raya offered him back to the Unconquered Sun.

We discovered some strange things though. Ophilis Ses has a wide ranging operation. He’s recruiting an army. There seems to be a connection between the disappearance of a reality engine and some Wyld Disturbances near Cho-Holuth. The thieves seem to be Demonic in nature. Apparently, Ses is sending his army down there. His target is either some enemy of Creation or Denandsor. A shipment of arms are headed for his army down south. The clues make no sense put together.

We move to intercept this shipment which is apparently led by another Solar. I sent a message to Tsukiko Yoko to meet us in the Mourning Wood. I wonder how this will go.

Closing … Log Saved …

“Transcribe” … “Old Realm”

Transcribing … Completed … Disconnected



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