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Glimmer's Diary

glimmer of the stars

Glimmer of the Stars’s Diary, Entry 1

Relevant Words: Behemoth, Sorcery, Gods

I start this trail of recollections that has happened on our exploits throughout Creation at my brother’s behest of keeping things in order. I don’t know if any of the brothers he’s had in the past had this sort of thing but I’m not complaining. I love my brother as much as they all did after all.

I am placing this within the Warstrider’s memory banks and keeping a part of it archived in my personal account in the I AM network. I hope future Exalts that would come to our embrace within Denandsor would gain access to this and learn of our adventures in the Deliberative.

If there is one thing I would remark as noteworthy for myself in this adventure, it is the fact that I have brought vengeance upon insult. I was an Exalted of the Unconquered Sun, for crying out loud, and to see a mere First Circle Demon throw back the Golden Sun’s Grace’s most exquisite combination of attacks, I will admit I was furious.

Celestial Circle Sorcery: Sapphire Circle Banishment.

The demon was dust. BITCH!

The bigger demon was, my brother admits, a formidable foe, and I am sure my skills alone would not match to banish such a – uhh… pretty demon, even if she were bound there against her will. Regardless, my fellow Celestials and Terrestrials made short work of her, much thanks to the illustrious Oil In Water, who was apparently affronted at the demon’s capabilities.

I leave my other companions to talk of other things, for I personally admit I was not much of use in that combat save for holding the behemoth’s maws long enough for them to squeeze in – my real place is in front of my plans and projects, I suppose, and little on the battlefield.

Perhaps in the future.



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