Radiant Hero Vassals

RHV Prelude 1

The Ambassador from Orun Telva (NOTES ONLY)

Scene: The Exalted Deliberative is at it's daily session, (which is composed of deliberators who are present at Denandsor, as opposed to a Special Session when all Deliberators must attend)

In attendance is:

Her Majesty Raya, Queen of the Exalted Deliberative and Metagalapa

His Excellency Valen, First Minister of the Exalted Deliberative

The Most Excellent Oil in Water, Speaker of the Moon of the Exalted Deliberative

The Honorable Hanya, Vizier for the Orderly Ending of Tyrants

The Honorable Genji, Minister of Trade

The Honorable Raven, Minister for Internal Peace and Order

The Honorable Glimmer of the Stars, Minister of Automaton and Essence Powered Research

Most of the day was just routine buisness but the last agenda for the day was that a native of the eastern city of Orun Telva had petitioned to address the deliberative.

Throught the previous proceedings, the Queen was idle, listening to recorded music via the I AM network and just nodding and agreeing or deferring as was typical for this sort of menial bureaucratic thing. But as the Ambassador entered the room, she paid attention to her.

Her name was Ambassador Sivri, and she had come to petition the Deliberative for help.

A great behemoth 4 miles long and with a thousand legs has been ravaging the countryside. Sivri fears it will devour the city before long. Sivri reveals the secret of Orun Telva: It has orichalcum deposits deep beneath it. It was kept a secret because magical beings would want the magical metal mine for themselves.

She promises that Orun Telva will tithe 10 talents of Oricalcum to the Deliberative, plus a thousand talents of silver in exchange for helping the city.

Raven wants more from Sivri. Sivri asks the Deliberators to negotiate with their God King, Golden Eagle.

Genji then quips why was this Ambassador so sent when she could not negotiate?

Sivri explains, she came to the Deliberative without the consent of her God King.

Genji asks Hanya to consult the Roll of Glorious Divinity for the identity of the God Golden Eagle. Hanya looks up the records and reveals that there are 8 Golden Eagles. 6 Thunderbirds, 2 of whom are missing, one Northern Animal God and one God Blood who resides in Yu Shan.

Oil in Water speaks up, and says that the Deliberative will go to the aid of Orun Telva, but under what condition is the question [GM NOTE: PLEASE EDIT IF INACCURATE. MEMORY HAZY]

Valen agrees with Oil in Water points out that it is the Exalted's duty to defend creation, so he asks the Deliberators to deal with this threat first and negotiate for more favorable terms later.

At this point Genji asks Valen if the assembled Celestials can have a private consulation. Valen agrees and dismisses Ambassador Sivri. Oil in Water promises to visit the Ambassador later after the session.

At that point the Deliberator Sapphire Sparrow (Vizier for the Prospects for Air and Water Travel) burst into the room, and apologized for being late and two seconds later committed a social faux pas, angering Hanya.

Genji asks if it is possible to scout the area. Valen says he can allow the use of the Silverlight to scout the area. Hanya tells Sapphire Sparrow to handle things. The Sidereal agrees.

Genji and Raven will scout the area and report back to the others what they found.




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