Radiant Hero Vassals

Diplomacy 101

I have missed updating my journal and since I’ve been on the move and events have been rather … catastrophic of late, I shall take a different approach to this.

Following the utter destruction of Forks and the removal of business interests in that sector of the East many of my own plans have been taken from me as if a rug had been pulled from under my feet. I felt similarly shaken as well. The amount of combat involved and sheer volume of demons forced me to re-assess my individual prowess.

I have channeled my time recently into monitoring the finances of the construction of the Fourth Legion under Magnificent Jaguar and my own fighting capabilities forcing my charms to work in unison where they would be most effective. The study of such magic is draining both mentally and spiritually.

I believe I was at a loss for what next to concentrate my time on when Glimmer sent a request for assistance in tracking some people in Marita. I took it as a break from my regular responsibilities and went there in person. I assumed the mantle of Haru, a Scavenger Lord and Explorer and one of my favorite personalities. Glimmer was not disturbed in the slightest.

He needed me to help track down some merchant or another whose interesting merchandise had triggered flashes of memories from a previous incarnation. As to why he did not use Raven, well, I believe he had some difficulty in tracking that man. Anja Silverclaws must be driving him insane by now.

Glimmer recruited some interesting mortals that are motivated by the revenge they want to enact on the demons who destroyed their village. They were a bit confused but a slight speech got them riling to work for him in any capacity he deemed necessary.

In fact that reminded me of something I wanted to access and set up. I quickly accessed the spy network of the Deliberative for some important areas in the East. I had decided to set up my own as well. I did the paperwork and began the project. I believe it will take a little over a year.

As for Glimmer’s problem, I sent Izumi to find out what she could on official circles while I went underground and tracked the fellow in the streets. I needed the practice. I might get soft. Changing my appearance was no big deal with some applications of charms and my Infinite Resplendence Amulet.

Tracking the movements of this Earth aspected merchant proved to be easy. It was so easy, I just showed the mortal hires of Glimmer where to go and made my way back to our embassy. I shared with Glimmer what I had found and awaited the head of his impromptu gathering of mortals. I returned to him the currency he paid me for the information I gave him and the look on his face was worth the ruse. Glimmer was not amused in the slightest. Sometimes, I think he has no sense of humor.

The merchant was seen going north towards Realm territory with two scales of Realm troops escorting him. He still had that moaning box. The hunter who tracked them eventually returned. She was peppered with a few arrows. The shooter was excellent. None of the shots were fatal but placed in such a way to make sure she would not continue the chase.

Pondering our next move, we suddenly get a call from Dace the other Deliberator based here now. He requests the help of Glimmer to use his God-Strider to stop demon incursions near the borders of the Realm and Deliberative controlled areas without attracting the Realm’s intervention.

We tell him about our problem and Dace told us that the best approach would be to use his contacts in the area. They should be able to facilitate something. Given Dace’s confidence Glimmer agrees.

That resolved, I accompany Glimmer back to Denandsor and receive a summons to the Chamber of the Deliberative. Apparently, Tepet Ejava, proclaimed Shogun of the Realm and one of the three warring for the Throne in the Blessed Isle has called for a summit to discuss an alliance bent on keeping away if not totally turning back the Demon menace that made its home in Forks.

As quickly discussed in the Solar Deliberative, it would be beneficial for those kingdoms and states there to either join their efforts or keep out of the way so as not to deter our efforts. Ejava however represents a power.

My knowledge of Dynastic Society would prove useful, however it would not be wise to appear as a Dynast as it might become a detriment to the actual proceedings and these other Dynasts might force family ties on me. I went as my boisterous adventurer self with a few official Deliberators and a few “unofficial ones” including those who I discovered well into the preliminaries of the summit.

As is usual in these gatherings sponsored by Dynasts, the social preliminaries are where the initial tussles begin. Jockeying for position, cementing alliances, and of course arranging marriages are all a part of the initial social skirmishes.

As I did not Exalt as a Terrestrial, my life in the Blessed Isle was mostly removed from these kinds of gatherings and I found myself barely equipped to deal with these situations despite my initial bravado. I do commercial arguments and business deals. I’m not fond of social maneuvering. However, I should indeed study more on it.

It appears the Ragara bankers got some concessions from me but apparently, I got more back. I’m not entirely sure. And besides, we could always make use of the money. Oil in Water had the most success in meeting with the Nexus people. I’ll have to get the details from … her.

Before we knew it, it was time for the summit proper. It was quickly agreed that a standing and combined army with the might of Exalted at the head should be deployed against this demon threat. As expected, there was resistance from the Realm representatives that leadership should be from the Exalted Deliberative. Surprisingly, or perhaps not so given the assistance we’ve extended towards them, Lookshy gave the concession of leadership to the Deliberative and many of the Hundred Kingdoms also expressed their support.

Simply put, a rather juicy apple had to be hung in front of the remainder for them to accept our leadership in this matter. I proposed an educational, simple technological, and economic package to those nations in exchange for their cooperation. Prosperity does have its advantages, especially to those who wish to emulate it.

It will also serve as an excellent market for my line of Transperfect Domestic Tools. I believe those most useful in food preparation will be the ones that we should deploy first.

The proposal went about smoothly. In fact, it went far smoother than I imagine even given the Charms we employed. Everything was considered more or less resolved and moving into other issues of less importance when they attacked.

Altered mortals, some form of Akuma I gather using what seem to be Celestial level charms attacked the gathering. Some of the weaker Terrestrials and many mortal nobles were quickly taken down.

I’ll not talk any more of the details but suffice to say that the attack was repulsed. For some it put the fear of Malfeas into them for others it only strengthened their resolve. I believe it’s time to go and prepare for war.



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